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        Shanghai King Hyde Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd

        About Us
                 Shanghai King Hyde is one of the professional companies integrating design, manufacture and installation of water chillers in China.  We offer box-type chiller, Air cooled screw chiller, water cooled screw chiller, low-temperature brine chiller, water cooled flooded chiller, water-source heat pump, air cooled modular chiller, explosion-proof chiller and other refrigeration equipment.  

               Our products are mainly used for injection molding, machine cooling, steel cooling, metal processing, concrete precasting, coal dust, dry cleaning recovery, communication equipment, constant temperature and humidity control in aircrafts, ship manufacturing and more and freshening, chilling, freezing and other industrial cooling programs. Main applications: hotels, hospitals, processing, processing, agricultural product processing, dairy production, pharmaceutical processing and logistics, beverage production and processing, beer production and cooling, chemical product cooling, plating, leather manufacturing. 

              We are closely related to the daily life of refrigeration equipment, playing a very important role in the industry. Besides making people feel cold, warm and cozy warm, more importantly, we will also let people experience the joy of success and health. We also have a professional design team, a sound sales network and dedicated employees. We have extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning. The reason why our products are warmly accepted by the market and praised by customers is that we not only design and install directors, but also understand the requirements of our clients. We are very willing to share our experience with clients, by providing correct and rational designs as a return for your investment. "Honesty, users first" is our objective, and "customers as God" is our consistent principle. With the attitude of "gratitude, customer service", we appreciate the trust from a vast number of businesses friends. We will continue to research and develop better products, serve customers better and contribute to the community well.

        Online service

        Skype: SAMUEL86514 info@kinghyde.com